dissertation literature review chapter provides additional credibility to your academic paper. As the name implies, the basis of this section is a literature or a published material. The literature or material that you choose must bear a topic that is similar or related to the issue you are going to discuss. Credibility comes in when you display the scope of your understanding on the subject within this chapter.  You can do this by creating a thorough literature review for dissertation and consequently prove to your readers that you have conducted a study in the most extensive way possible. As an academic writer, you can critique the existing solutions to the problem you are resolving. You may also provide your readers with the limitations of the existing published materials. The professional writers of ThesisEditor.co.uk say that if you can do this objectively, you are not only displaying your credibility as a writer but you are also establishing the validity of your paper. ThesisEditor.co.uk is the home of the most trusted and most credible academic writers today.

Literature review

Looking for a material for the dissertation literature review is not difficult. With the technology available today, you are not confined within the limits of your university library. Going online provides you with the luxury and ease to seek published works that you can use for your literature review in dissertation. However, as with the other references you would use – ThesisEditor.co.uk suggests that you pick your material carefully.

  • Some works may bear a topic that initially looks relevant. To make sure that it does, read through the abstract and list the points that qualify the paper to become part of your literature review.
  • As much as possible, use a new material. Look at the date on when the work was published and assess whether the findings at that time remains relevant until this day.
  • Make sure that the published work comes from a credible university. Using an unreliable material will do more damage to your dissertation.