For students seeking an academic qualification, dissertation writing marks the beginning of the end. A dissertation is an academic document, required from students who would want to earn an academic degree or qualification. Writing a dissertation is usually considered as a concluding exercise since it is submitted by the student at the latter part of the course. Like many types of academic papers, a dissertation requires research and planning. However, the difference lies in the time and effort devoted to writing the paper. Because several universities and colleges consider dissertation as the final and most important assessing tool for a student’s academic capabilities and competence – the students dedicate a great deal of time and work on dissertation writing. As such, extensive research, thorough and critical analysis, detailed planning and flawless writing is expected of the student when completing this type of academic paper. One of the more important steps in writing is to know the parts of the dissertation, its contents and functions. is a custom writing company who can provide extensive dissertation writing service to all our clients. Let us assist you by helping you get acquainted with the basics of writing a comprehensive dissertation.

Dissertation Writing Help

A good dissertation paper starts with planning. Planning only becomes possible if you are familiar with the elements that need to be included in your academic paper. To help you begin with dissertation writing, has enlisted the basic parts of a dissertation for you.

  • An abstract gives your reader an overview or summary of the dissertation.  The details contained here need not be thorough but it has to be sufficient. Some of the things you can include are the objective of the papers and the methods. You can also give an overview of the chief results and conclusions.
  • In the introduction chapter, you can include the objectives of your dissertation or research. Make sure that you enlist all the reasons why you think that your topic is important. Identify the things and points that you can possibly contribute to the discipline once the paper is completed or published. Furthermore, you must also state the limitations of your dissertation paper.
  • Literature Review provides your reader an idea on some of the similar or related academic papers done on your topic or subject. When writing this section, make sure that you properly cite all the references you have used to avoid plagiarism
  • The methodology is the section of your dissertation that presents the details of the techniques you have used in researching. Here, you can identify whether you have used a qualitative or quantitative method. Also, you must provide information on the scope of the methodology you have used. If applicable, identify the population that you are studying and the manner by which your data will be interpreted.
  • In results, the writer must determine and list the outcome of the research. The data contained here must be objective, valid and verifiable. The use of graphs, charts, tables and illustrations can be very useful in providing readers a clear presentation of your ideas.
  • In the discussion, the writer may provide his interpretation of the data found in the results section of the paper. As with the other statements contained in the dissertation, the claims or argument written here must be well founded and documented. Aside from this, the writer may also write about the contributions his research has made and the recommendations he has for future studies on a related topic or subject.

Of course, writing a good dissertation paper goes beyond the basics of knowing these basic parts. Truth is, writing can be very frustrating. Many times, students feel too drained and exhausted because of the amount of work, time and patience it requires. What’s more, there is no real assurance on whether your professor would approve of your initial draft or proposal. In many cases, students find themselves constantly revising their work as it does not meet the requirements or expectations of the academe. In this situation, it is always best to seek professional dissertation help from a trustworthy company like